Airwheel A6S, a Magical Smart Electric Wheelchair

Abstract: For a long time, Airwheel is the big leader in intelligent travel transport and related equipment sector. In recent, it sets foot into a brand-new field, which is wheelchair. Airwheel A6S smart electric wheelchair is full of wisdom. It brings great convenience to those people who live with wheelchair.

In hospital, some patients have to sit in wheelchair. Besides, some old and weak people also need wheelchair. Airwheel, the leading brand in intelligent travel transport and related equipment sector, has set foot in this new field – wheelchair. Airwheel A6S smart electric wheelchair is the best example. It has broken the tradition and offered people a fire-new wheelchair. It replaces manual operation with intelligent somatosensory control.
Airwheel A6S Self-balancing Wheelchair
Compared with traditional wheelchairs, Airwheel A6S self-balancing wheelchair is much smaller and lighter but much more intelligent. For users, it is easier to control small figure. When it comes to intelligence, it makes A6S Electric Wheelchairs outstanding in the current wheelchair field. Based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, people can control it by adjusting their body gravity. For example, if people lean forward, it will move forward automatically. If they lean backward, it will slow down until stop. What if people want to change direction? They just need to turn left or right. Such a humanized design makes those people who can’t do without wheelchair enjoy great freedom and convenience. The handle bars are adjustable, which can be put in left or right according to users’ habit. In the front and back part, there is kickstand, which paves the way for people to sit in or get off it conveniently and safely.
Airwheel A6S
Airwheel A6S balance wheelchair is equipped with multiple folding system. Several simple steps will fold it together and the folded figure is only 0.8 cubic meters. Then, when people don’t need it, they can fold it and find any small corner to park it. In other word, it makes parking a piece of cake. The adopted 14-inch tires, with special tread pattern, are adaptable to many different road conditions and guarantee stable sitting experience. In the meantime, the maximum load capacity reaches to 90kg. Above all, A6S is suitable for people of most heights and weights.

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