Airwheel Smart Electric Scooter Is To Match The Needs Of The Modern Consumer

Abstract: Available in various sizes, styles, and models, Airwheel’s intelligent personal transportation devices were engineered to match the needs of the modern consumer. Enjoy quality time with friends and family this winter with intelligent transportation companions.

Compact, lightweight and easily transportable, Airwheel mars rovers have reinvented the daily transport. It has become the folk’s desirable means of transportation. The exterior design looks fashionable. Also, the swappable battery pack lends riders a hand to disassemble and replace without tools. Anybody can get it changed and also it makes charging easier. Moreover, the high-efficient USB solves the problem of power off condition for daily intelligent devices such as mobile phones, Tablets or SLRs.

Airwheel E6

In addition, via app to adjust speed and learn the real-time data, it can meet travel demand and increase the level of comfort riding experience. People can ride Airwheel mini electric scooter to anywhere they want and there is no need to worry about parking. It is quite compact and conveniently portable and is easy to fold with the innovative foldable design. If they enter the lift, it is also portable and carried to the lift.

Airwheel H3S

Many regard the previous products like the Z series, E series and R series are designed for the public, expect the senior citizens. Considering this, Airwheel released two models—H3S and A6S Electric Wheelchair for the old to get around. Airwheel H3S folding electric wheelchair is featuring automatic folding system, App remote control, Omni-directional wheels, smart joystick controller and comfortable cushion. Riders can efficiently move around any time of the day. There are three ways to control H3S via your mobile application. It can automatically fold up and store in car trunk easily.

Airwheel Z5

The intelligent and trendy Airwheel A6S power chair is the ideal personal transportation device for the whole families, especially our parents. Lightweight aluminium chassis, adjustable saddle and breathable cushion and removable joystick with LED display make A6S unique. With the Airwheel mobile application, riders can control the smart chair; keep track of how fast it goes, how far it has travelled, and much more. Think differently and innovate sustainably. Enjoy the fall weather and beautiful outdoor views with the Airwheel.

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