Start A New Journey with Airwheel H3 Automatic Folding Wheelchair

Abstract: Airwheel released different types to satisfy more people’s different demands. As one of the new arrivals, Airwheel H3 smart wheelchair has done well in solving all kinds of travel needs and offering comfortable riding experience.

Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair broadens application field and enlarges consumer base. It is able to cover almost all travel demands of all people, especially the people who are wheelchair-bound. It features simple handling, durability and comfort all in an ultra-sleek design. Utilizing small wheels and lighter materials, Airwheel H3 foldable electric wheelchair can tip the scale at as little as 790X630X370mm, ideal for those looking for a highly portable option. The automatic folding system is a highlight in technological breakthroughs.

Airwheel H3

Airwheel H3 handle controlled electric wheelchair provides the perfect shape to fit the human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization, weight distribution and lower the risk of pressure sores and scoliosis. Its seat with double honeycomb mesh breathable material, is wear-proof and durable. The longer you sit, the more comfortable you feel. Then, long-time and long-distance riding becomes easy to realize. However, it is not enough at all.  H3 adopts intelligent handlebar controller, making it super easy to control. It moves forward and backward by pushing the handlebar controller forward or backward and it turns directions if you turn it left or right.

Airwheel H3

In order to ensure smooth and comfortable riding experience, H3 motorized wheelchair adopts shock absorption system to absorb shock on bumpy roads and to control when going downhill to protect personal safety. Additionally, Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair allows riders to ride in dual ride modes—either by man power or by electricity. Pull the tie rod to the open position, it can be pushed by people. When people pull the tie rod to the close position, it can be ridden by electricity.

Airwheel H3

Enhanced performance and comfort, along with feather-touch disassembly, allows you to enjoy light-weight travel and independence on the go. More importantly, H3 power wheelchair also tend to be more affordable and offer the benefit of increased mobility without breaking the bank. In a word, high safety and comfortable riding make H3 an important partner in our daily life.

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