The Masses Are On an Active Demand for Airwheel R6 Electric Folding Bike

Abstract: Airwheel R6 is a two-wheeled bicycle-like personal transport device that has a motor that is powered in part by a rechargeable battery. Either way, a motor is engaged that helps power the bike faster, or makes hills or upwards grades easier.

Despite its great success of the previous models, Airwheel keeps moving forward and its bold concept and brand-new design blaze a new trail for the development of intelligent vehicles, for instance, the H3 automatic electric wheelchair for the old. Also, Airwheel R6 pedal assist bike brings a brand-new riding experience for daily communters. With an Airwheel R6 smart electric bicycle, you can take rides and bike trips that seemed daunting; or work commutes that you feared would make you sweaty are suddenly manageable. It also gives a psychological boost – it increases when you might ride and how often and opens up a world of biking to those who thought it too much work.
Airwheel R6

Airwheel R6 has two different ride modes that allow you to enjoy a unique riding experience. It supports man-powered and moped mode. There are different gears for you in the moped mode. R6’s software has been upgraded to be better compatible with its motor and batteries, so that users will have gorgeous experience of riding manoeuvrability. R6 is equipped with energy recovery system. The ordinary electric vehicles in the process of brake consume a lot of electricity, and R6 will start the energy recovery system, transforming the kinetic energy into electricity for storage and reuse. Besides, R6 folding e bike installs a trip computer that can not only help the rider alter freely between the two ride modes, but also monitor the real-time data to make riding safer which shows a great convenience and intelligence.

What’s more, its automatic folding system allows riders to press one button to extend or contract, so that R6 can thus be placed in the trunk easily. The red tail brake light will be on if braking in order to remind the rear of the pedestrian and vehicles to keep a safe distance. In a word, Airwheel R6 electric assist bike will bring on many changes to your life and surely, you are gonna like such change.

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