The third model in R-Series-Airwheel R6 Smart Electric Assist Bike

Abstract: In May 2017, a new member of R-series shows up was named Airwheel R6. It is typical for personal exclusive e bike. Inheriting some features from R5 and R3, R6 electric folding bike optimized itself on some unique factors.

People’s life in modern city has also been change for a large scale. It is impossible for modern city residents to have a causal and comfortable day in offices now because of the fierce competition brought by rural intruders. What’s more, the traffic condition is very terrible so riders used to be stuck in the traffic jams for a long time every day, which make people’s backache even worse. Airwheel R6 smart e-bike could be used as a transport for commutation as well as a tool for exercising.
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Like R5 and R3, Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle inputs the low temperature painting technology. After over ten processes, it enables the product appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, realizing longer service life. R6 adopts the 14-inch jumbo tyres. It is able to cover any terrain, depending on such high quality jumbo tyres. No matter whether you are in the avenue, the cragged path, it is your perfect choice. Also, the USB power supply interface can meet the charging demands of mobile phone, Tablet, SLR and other daily smart devices.
Owning one Airwheel R6 means you own three different vehicles, bike, moped and electromobile, because of the three ride modes. In the man-powered mode, R6 fast electric bike is the same as the traditional bikes. If people choose the pure electricity mode, it is an electromobile to give you a fast and easy riding. Among the three ride modes, the moped mode allows riders to enjoy the longest range. If R6 is just an imitation of its previous one, customer will not be satisfied. R6 is an optimization of its predecessor.

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R6 pedal assist bike installs automatic folding system, with pushing one button to fold or unfold it. Thanks to the foldable components, it advances itself in terms of saving the storage space. It is convenient for users to transfer his R6 into his trunk when he wants to take a wander. Expectedly, Airwheel R6 the new member of R series family, fulfils the market’s prospects.

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